Have a look at some of the most frequent questions we answer about ConnectionMate.
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How can I add someone to ConnectionMate?

One you´ve installed the extension, visit someone’s profile on Linkedin. You’ll see on the top of the profile the ConnectionMate icon. Click the icon and a card opens. Here you can save the profile.

I can´t add a person to ConnectionMate. Why?

In the free version you can save only Linkedin Profiles you are directly connected to (1st degree connections). If you want to save non-contacts, such as potential customers, influencers, competitors you might consider our Pro-Version.It´s a blast!

Can you see my saved contacts and notes I made?

No, we don’t. It’s only saved locally on your browser. The only information we get is: Your user information and only what we need in order to send you the push notification for certain profiles. 

Is it safe to use ConnectionMate? Will Linkedin block me for using it?

ConnectionMate is not scraping data nor offering any kind of automation on Linkedin. We believe in creating valuable human connections. Still, we are not an offical Linkedin partner, because we don’t rely on the official Linkedin API.  Using our extension is at your own risk.

Can I import contacts from SalesNavigator to ConnectionMate?

At the moment, we don’t offer this import. In future, we will have some data exchange solution for different databases.

My password is not accepted. What are password requirements?

Your password needs to have minimum 8 characters (max: 16 characters) and:
– 1 upper case (A,D,G…) letter minimum
– 1 lower case (a,d,g …) letter minimum
– a number (1,2,3…) minimum
– a special character (?,;./….) minimum except „-„(minus)