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Uncover posts from your connections, engage and build better relations.
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The best way to build business relations on Linkedin? Engage with your Connections!



ConnectionMate helps you to focus only on the posts from these Linkedin Members, that are important to you!

Because: Conversations lead to Conversions.

Get more business from Linkedin

ConnectionMate helps you discover relevant posts from your connections, engage and build better relations.
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ConnectionMate helps you bring relevancy back to your Linkedin newsfeed.

Find post of connections relevant to you, engage and build relations.

How it works


Install the Browser Plugin from the Google Chrome Store. It´s free!


Save and categorize all your important Linkedin connections.


Find post of relevant connections, engage and build relations.

Save and organize connections

Save and organize your connections. Categorize your connections with type and tags  for a tailor-made view.

Never miss a relevant post

No need to hang around all day on Linkedin. We´ll show you if there´s a new update from a saved connection.

Engage & build better relationships

Comment on relevant posts and put yourself and your comment in the spotlight. Become visible and build releations with intent.

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Satisfied Users

„With ConnectionMate I keep track of my potential customers and business partners and can quickly and reliably enter into communication with them. This way I am not dependent on the Linkedin feed and can react quickly.“

Britta Behrens

Linkedin Expert, Coach & Speaker

„Most people underestimate how important it is to maintain a hot list of the most important sales-relevant contacts…and to stay visible to them without being a pain. Zoran’s tool helps us do just that.“

Hendrik Lennarz

Founder & Head Coach, Unlck Growth GmbH

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